Pinto (or Katie) of PintoBellaHoops is a Hoopnotica certified and licensed Hula Hoop instructor currently located north of the greater Boston area. Pinto Bella Hoops uses custom made adult and childrens hoops to teach and share hoop dance, aerobics and laughter. As a hooper coming from a dance background,she also trained in AFAA Primary Group Fitness to strengthen her cardio and aerobic class structures. After leaving her students and growing hoop community in Wisconsin, Pinto will also be offering online Skype or google chat classes in addition to group and private fitness classes and workshops on the east coast. Hoops can be custom ordered and shipped nationwide.

At Pinto Bella Hoops, we don’t see hooping as just a sport, a dance, or an exercise, it is a lifestyle. As you find balance in your hoop, you can find balance in your life and your health, physical and emotional.

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And just for a smile, here is the Pinto Bella Hoop promo video for Summer 2013!
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