Hoops for Dancers

Hoops for Dancers

Hoop Tech for the Choreographer

Choreographing for any size group can be a challenge. When you add a prop that none of your dancers have experience with yet, the task can seem daunting. This two hour workshop focuses on skills that will facilitate the addition of hula hoops to your choreography.

We will focus on the use of hula hoops, but the skills can be transferred to any number of other props as well! I use a combination of active learning, team creativity and open discussion to explore the possibilities of the art form. This will give your choreographers and teachers the building blocks to add hula hooping to the dances that they are already teaching.

You do not need experience with a hula hoop, nor do you have to own one yourself.
Hula hoops will be available to use during the program or purchase to take with you.

2 hour program ~ Starting at $275

Hoop Camp for Dancers

If you’re looking for something to add a little variety to your weekly programs, a hula hoop class for your dancers can be just the thing you’re looking for. In a one hour program we will learn basic hula hooping skills as well as some advanced variations for those who are ready. For youth dance programs I also incorporate movement games that spark creativity and team building.

In a two hour program we take it to the next level and use the skills we’ve learned to create group choreography, ending the class by performing what we’ve learned to music!

Skills and choreography taught will be based on the age and experience of the participants.

1 hour program starting at $175 ~ 2 hour program starting at $275

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