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Pinto Bella Hoops at the Library

“This program was fresh, creative and generated plenty of smiles and laughs. Your enthusiasm, good humor and patience encouraged the whole group to let loose, try something new and have fun with the hoops.” ~The Abington Public Library, Abington, Massachusetts

“Pinto is comfortable and caring, providing the right amounts of know-how, encouragement, playfulness, guided activities, and free play time. She helps participants feel accomplished, no matter how “good” at hooping they are. Pinto is a delightful storyteller, as well. She is able to accommodate her style and activities to the age group and size at hand. Fall Creek can’t wait to have her back!” ~Fall Creek Public Library, Fall Creek, Wisconsin

The Pinto Bella Hoops library program has become a favorite of students and families around the USA. To start off the program, Pinto Bella speaks about the emotional, physical, and social benefits of hula hooping, describes the different types of hula hoops and their purposes, gives a brief history of the hula hoop, and tells audiences about her own journey with the hoop. During programs for preschool or early elementary age levels, Pinto starts the program by reading Veda’s Victory, a book by Allison Avalon about a shy girl learning to hula hoop and finding her place in the world. Pinto has a diverse collection of books about hula hooping for participants to look at before and after the program a well.

After some brief hula hooping instructions, demonstration, and a short performance of where Hoop Dance can take a performer, the group gets to try hula hooping themselves, while Pinto Bella walks around to give one on one instruction, trouble shooting, and help with new tricks. After the group has all had opportunities to play and hoop around, we take some time for organized games that teach team work and communication with the hoop!

To finish the day, every one finds a seat, we lower the lights, and Pinto Bella performs one last number with her LED light up hoops. Of course, we keep this a surprise for the kids until the final moment!


2017 Summer Reading Program: Build a Better World
Hula Hooping for a Better World

This year, the one hour Pinto Bella Hoops program will add a constructive twist as we work together to build a better world through team work and repurposing house hold materials to make hula hoops.

The program will begin with a new book, written by Katie ‘Pinto’ LeBrun herself, that explains the process of making a hula hoop through the eyes of a young chicken. Pinto will then introduce the audience to the different kinds of hula hoops and how each one benefits our bodies and our minds. After a demonstration and a short performance, everyone gets a turn to try their moves on the hula hoop, and we will play some creative and team building games.

To end the program, we will work together to decorate a hula hoop with upcycled materials such as tapes, cloth, ribbons, and stickers (the decorated hula hoop is then given to the library to be used in a summer drawing or kept in the library for patrons to use year round). Programs held indoors will also feature a final performance, turning off the lights, and using a light up hula hoop.

Either lasts one hour, though Pinto Bella sticks around for another 20-30 minutes to answer questions about hooping, where to take classes, and how to get your own hoop.

Contact Pinto at to get price quotes and set up a day for your library to Hoop It Up!

Starting at $190


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