Meet Pinto Bella

Panorama flattened

I am called Pinto. I am a Hoopnotica certified instructor. I am a traveler. I am a dancer. I am a musician. I am a smile on a gloomy day. I am an artist. I am a teacher. I am a motivator. I am a business woman. I am a friend, a sister, a daughter.

I grew up in West Central Wisconsin and will always call that region “home.” It was there that I stumbled upon a hula hoop dancer during a trip to Madison and was inspired to try this movement myself. Without anyone to teach me, and with very few online resources at the time, I struggled to figure out what to do with this circle. It took me almost a month, and a much larger hoop, to finally keep it around my waist for more than half a minute. I was soon developing fitness classes for a local gym, and doing everything I could to continue learning from what slim resources and small community we had.

Fastforward three years . . . I have been living in Massachusetts for two years where I have had the opportunity to learn from professional hula hoopers from around the globe. I discovered companies like Hoopnotica and Punk Rock Hoops, through which I acquired certifications and learned even more techniques for teaching. I have worked with others to develop programs that combine the hula hoop with my experiences from performing, working at summer camps, directing choirs, teaching music, art and dance, organizing events, and choreographing for ensembles.

I am now traveling the country to share these experiences and skills with YOU and YOUR community.

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