PBH Hoop Yoga Fusion Teacher Training

PBH Hoop Yoga Fusion Teacher Training

Pinto GH 6

We will be taking an in depth look at the therapeutic integration of yoga and the hula hoop. Participants will learn how to use the hula hoop to explore meditation, support balance, deepen stretches, guide breath work, maintain alignment, strengthen the core, and add dynamic movement to an asana practice. Techniques will be included for standing poses, floor work, and chair yoga. We will also take time to learn various guided meditations, and group games to incite laughter and team work.

This weekend intensive training will give current hula hoop instructors, yoga instructors, and personal trainers a new and unique element to add to their programing. The format is also accessible to all levels (including non-teachers) to use in your own self practice. The program is not a substitute to a yoga teacher training or other certificate programs, and it not (yet) accredited for CEUs.

Upcoming 2017 Trainings:

January 14-15
Nokomis, Florida
Two Day Intensive
Saturday – Sunday 11am-5pm
Includes Lunches, Manual, and PBH intro to the Traveling Classroom
Program Cost $265
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Pinto GH 3

Previous Trainings

September 2-4
Stargazen Retreat Center, Augusta, WI
Three Day Residential Retreat
Friday 6pm – Sunday 1pm
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October 15-16
SuperHooper Headquarters, Orange County, CA
Two Day Intensive
Saturday and Sunday 10am – 6pm