Senior Programs

Retirement Communities, Senior Centers, Assisted Living Facilities, Library Groups, Birthday Parties, Book Clubs, you name it! You’re never too old to enjoy the hula hoop!

Hula Hooping is a low impact activity that is accessible to all age groups. Larger hoops move slower around the body, letting us take our time with the movements, and the smaller feather-light hoops are great for the hands, arms and feet. Wether you’re looking for an activity to fill your exercise program, something fun to add a few laughs, or entertainment for your seasonal party, hula hoops are a great way to spice up an event.

If you want to add some movement to your book club, contact me ahead of time and I can send you to some great novels about hula hooping!

A regular program lasts up to one hour. I will tell about the different types of hula hoops and the benefits of each, give a demonstration and perform to a couple of songs. Then it is time for audience participation! As I walk around and answer questions everyone is welcome to try the different types of hula hoops. I will be right there to coach them to success!

~Starting at $150~

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